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We never really wanted to get into the hosting business. Nextrev Creative Services keeps us busy enough.  But after countless hours spent trying to coerce a variety of hosting environments to effectively deliver all the features and performance expected from modern content management systems, we had no choice.  So we did our homework. We researched and tested several different hosting environments and found a solution that just works. So, Nextrev Domain Services was born.

Our goal is to provide a hosting environment we can rely upon to do everything we developers have come to expect from hosting. We believe most clients should have their site within a content management system. There is a long-term value to this philosophy and it coincides with the ever-evolving best-practices in a search engine driven web. 

Search engines thrive on content--good content.  Customers like good search engine results. So it seems natural, that a content management system that makes the addition of content to a site an easy task would meet the needs of our customers and the search engines. But there has been this nagging problem: some popular hosting environments just don't handle the demands of content management systems gracefully. And when installation becomes a massive undertaking, well, we knew there had to be a better solution. 

As developers trying to deliver maximum value to our customers, we needed a predictable hosting environment where we knew a range of content management systems could be installed and hosted trouble free. Finally we've found one. 

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  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • Full Featured cPanel™
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Complimentary Hosting Audit

Not sure how to compare your current hosting  environment with ours?

No worries! Just give us a call and we can arrange to evaluate your hosting for compatibility with content management systems such as Expression Engine, Modx and blogging software like WordPress.  We can recommend the right level of service for your digital strategy needs. 

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